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We strive to make your travel adventure a thrilling and rewarding one that you will remember for a lifetime. Our Southeast Asian teams in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand work together seamlessly to ensure the best possible travel experience at the best possible price. Angkor Wat Services (AWS) has been operating tours since 1999 and understands the details and intricacies of travel throughout the region.

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Khmer cuisine is known the world over for its unique and often exotic ingredients and delicious tastes. Enjoy some of the finest restaurants that Cambodia has to offer and then enroll in a cooking class! Be prepared to receive accolades from family and friends upon your new status as a Khmer Chef! This tour includes a visit to the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat where your first glimpse of this mighty temple will be from a tethered helium balloon. Museums, shops that sell lovely traditional gifts, and meeting local citizens will be a few highlights of the Feast Cambodia tour....
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