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Cambodia Tours & Cambodia Tour Packages

Booking Terms and Condition

The booking of all tours with is confirmed within 24 hours upon receiving confirmation to take the tour from our customers. The booking confirmation availability can also be included all the reservations: hotels, airline, boat tickets and other items in the tours upon demand.

Deposit and Payment
Upon receiving booking confirmation, we require a 30% deposit via PayPal or Venmo or Western Union or MoneyGram or American check for this agreement. Sorry, but we are not able to process credit card payments yet. All other payments for the trip can be made with US dollars at the time of your arrival in Siem Reap.

PayPal account

Venmo account

American check

Western Union and MoneyGram information
Receiver first name: Sophoan

Receiver last name: Rath
Destination: Cambodia
Currency: US dollars
Our address appear on ID card:
#678, Group 1, Phum Tavien, Khum Salakamrek, Siem Reap City, Cambodia.
Mobile: +855 12 971 645

Kindly provide us of your
- Western Union or MoneyGram control number
- sender name
- amount of transfer
- country of Western Union or MoneyGram transfer.

Bank account information
If PayPal, Venmo, Western Union, MoneyGram and American check are not available at your end, kindly make deposit via our bank account at below information, email us a short note after doing that, and we will see whether the deposit is arrived.

1. Beneficiary bank details:
ABA Bank (Advance Bank of Asia Limited)
No. 148, Preah Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Beneficiary account number: "available upon request"
Beneficiary name: RATH SOPHOAN
Beneficiary's address: Ta Vien, Sala Kamraeuk, Siem Reap, Cambodia

2. Destination: CANADIA BANK PLC
Address     : #265 - 269, Ang Duong Street, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Swift Code: CADI KH PP (please note: all banks in Cambodia use Swift Code but not IBAN, therefore we believe that your bank will understand and accept that)
Beneficiary Person: RATH SOPHOAN
Account Number   : 0080000009729

Cancellation Policy
In rare case, if we, cancel the tour, 100% of the deposit and payment will be refunded. If you, the client, cancel the reservation, below cancellation fee is applied:
30-40 days before tour starts             charge 30% per person
20-29 days before tour starts             charge 50% per person
10-19 days before tour starts             charge 75% per person
0-9 days before tour stars                  charge 100% per person

Accommodation on the trip
We accommodate 2 people at the same sex in Twin sharing room especially if their ages are not much different. We accommodate couple in Double sharing room. If a single person joins the trip and there is nobody to share the room with, it is compulsory that he/she has to stay in Single room, then he/she has to pay single room supplement.

Our Liabilities
Clients who join our trips have to go through below our liabilities and will be asked to sign the form of understanding our liabilities upon arrival.
We are not responsible for any baggage or property lost during the tour with us. We advise that, do not wear jewels while walking or cycling on the street. Keep your camera in your backpack. Do not hold it while cycling. does not hold responsible for any accident, injury or dead during trip conduction with us. Clients who join the trip with us, understand that they are willing to join the trip by themselves and at their own risk. We will brief the safety and the road condition before tour start. Ensure to follow our guideline, beware of the hazard. It is safe now to do tours in Cambodia following our outlined itinerary and our guide.

Please Note: for cycling tours, if you, the client refuse to wear the helmet provided by, you will be responsible for any head injury. We ensure the bikes are in good condition, have reliable brakes. We provide all spare parts including puncture repair kits and our guide are trained with mechanic. We try to take quiet road, routes free of cars, where possible. If it is necessary to ride a bike on a busy road make sure to be careful to avoid accident and being hit by cars: go slowly, look carefully before turning or crossing roads and stick well into the pavement.

We are not responsible for any health care during the tour with us. Clients who join the trip with us have to be wellbeing and we recommend the client to purchase travel insurance before their departure dates. Travel insurance should include cover evacuation cost. We recommend good hospitals in Siem Reap, Ly Sreyvyna and Angkor International Hospital and SOS International clinic and Royal Rattanak hospitals. We provide first aid kit in the support van and all our guides are trained with first aid.

In the dry season, there might be not enough water in Tonle Sap Lake, holds the rights to provide land transfer instead of boat. The boats we are using have lifejackets and toilet. The boats also stop half way in a floating village for a short break and restroom. Make sure you wear seatbelt while sitting in a car or van.

Discount & Child Policy
For our repeated customers, we will offer a discount of 5% when first return for tour with us and discount 10% when return for second and more tours with us.

Children above 12 years old are charged as adult price. Children between 8-11 years old will get 25% discount on the tour. Children below 7 years old will get 50% discount but will share accommodation with their parents as possible.

Make sure all travel documents have been prepared including passport (at least 6 months validity), passport size photos for the visas (please check our FAQs for more information) and flight tickets. We cannot however be responsible for your documents not in order or mistakes by embassies, sudden changes to regulations, or actions of border officials that are beyond our control. We are able to advice on mandatory health requirements. Take all the necessary medication including malaria tablet, Tama Flue (bird flu tablet), sun cream, sunglasses, cycling gloves and cycling shorts etc.,

Tour Guide & Tour Leader Responsibility provide cycling tour guide for a group below 6 people; for group starts from 6 people and above, we provide one cycling tour guide and one tour leader. Both tour guide and tour leader are the representatives of the company. Their responsibilities are to make sure the trip is run smoothly and our clients are well looked after in all aspect including the food, snacks, water and drinks, bike mechanic, accommodations. Any complaints about any aspect in the trip should be brought to the guide's or tour leader's attention and with a copy of written notice to director. Our guide or tour leader will act immediately to solve any problem occurs during the tour with our backup service within 24 hours from our management team.