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Short Escapes Siem Reap Bike HalfDay

Option 6: Short Escape Bike at Siem Reap Countryside


This option provides both a rewarding and emotional experience. It is a great escape away from busy Siem Reap downtown by biking through the countryside to see the authentic freshness and greenery of Siem Reap. You will be welcomed by super friendly villagers and a different atmosphere as well as experiences, undisturbed by the crowds. You will be able to learn about Cambodian culture, interact with local people and see many aspects of rural village life, including unique housing structures (colorful homes built off the ground), kids and schools, Buddhist monastery (Arthvear pagoda with a 12th century temple built inside) and cultural history, especially the tranquil daily activities of the villagers.

The tour is a leisurely easy fun ride for few hours relax. Non-professional, Non-adventurous.

Dress Code
Flexible clothes for cycling

The official currency in Cambodia is Cambodian Riel. It trades at around 4,000 riel to one US dollar. The US dollar is Cambodia’s unofficial second currency; therefore, there is no need to change the money. In fact, it is best to carry US dollars with you while you are traveling in Siem Reap, Cambodia. There are ATM everywhere in Cambodia where you could pick up US dollars as well.

The payment for the tour is in USD (US dollar).

Tour Name: Short Escape at Siem Reap Countryside Bike Tour Option 6
Tour Code: CO6
Distance: 25 km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Group Size: 1-10 pax
Daily: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Price: USD30 per person

Tour Highlight
- Escape from busy touristic part of Siem Reap
- Bike along red soil paths and watch the local community
- See many ways of life in Cambodian countryside and culture
- View picturesque beautiful scenery for photograph
- Learn how people exchange trades at local market
- Try famous local homemade pasty and cookies
- Visit modern pagoda, Wat Arthear, built on the ground of Wat Arthear 12th century temple.

You will be met and welcomed by our experienced cycling English speaking guide at your hotel with bikes and biking gears. Our guide will do itinerary briefing and then begin to ride along Siem Reap river, leaving downtown through some splendid villages. There, you can absorb the real fresh air and some eye-catching views of seas of rice field (in green color in monsoon season: May-October, in gold color in harvesting season: November-January, in freed dried field in dry season: Feb-April), big crowds of cow, water buffalos, ducks, and many bird species flying, making beautiful sounds. See the lifestyle of local villagers and see what they do for livings: farming cycle, vegetable homegrown, haycock and so on. Visit the local market and taste the Khmer typical cookies. Visit modern Buddhist pagoda, Wat Arthvear, built on the ground of Wat Arthvear 12th century temple and observe monks’ day-to-day routine.

Return to Siem Reap.
Tour Ends

What to Bring
- Camera
- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses
- Sneakers.

USD30 per person

- English speaking tour guide
- Quality mountain bike (Giant/Trek)
- Helmet
- Fresh coconut juice
- Pure drinking water
- Hotel pick up.

- Lunch
- Travel insurance
- Hotel drop off.

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