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Kavita S - Angkor Wat Tour A3 then drive to Bangkok
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Friday 12th of April 2024

Tour of Angkor Wat and nearby

We had a wonderful trip!
Mr. Sophoan is extremely diligent in his arrangements. He shared detailed itineraries with us so we always knew what we were doing. At the same time he was flexible enough to make adjustments to accommodate our jetlag. All passes had been obtained and there was no waiting.
Mr. Kim, our guide, was very cheerful. It was very hot when we were there but Mr. Kim kept us hydrated and planned our temple visit and hikes for the cooler parts of the day when possible.
Mr. Sophoan also arranged for our transfer by car from Siem Reap to Bangkok. The handoffs from the Cambodia side to the Thailand side were smooth.

Written April 11, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Ahmet K - Angkor Wat Tour A3 and drive to Bangkok
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Thursday 11th of April 2024

Thai Tour Cambodia Thailand Angkor Wat Travel

It was a wonderful tour for us. We saw many amazing things and Cambodian kindness. They arranged everything. Dont hesitate to join this tour. Thank you mr Kim and our lovely driver Sor.

Written April 11, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Viji V - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 6d5n BA6
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Sunday 7th of April 2024

Viji V

Angkor wat excursion

We booked 6 day tour of siem reap temples with Sopan Rath and his team. Great experience from Mr. Kim and Mr.Moyi. Both of them treated us like royalty, polite, courteous and extremely attentive to our needs. The whole experience was wonderful. Angor wat sunrise will be with us forever. We will recommend this team to all travelers interested in seeing the magnificent temples of Cambodia.

Sophoan Rath always stayed in communications with us and his friendly team to make it a pleasant experience for the two of us.

Kim is simply wonderful. He also gave us 4 tasty ripe mangoes from his garden, which made us feel that we are his family.

Written April 7, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

James S - Angkor Wat Tour 3d A3
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Thursday 4th of April 2024

James S

Cambodia with Kim

Kim is the coolest guy and best tour guide. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Very grateful to have had him as a guide and look forward to coming back.
Written April 4, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Katrine72 - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 3d2n BA3
E-mail: n/a
From: Norway

Posted Date: Saturday 30th of March 2024

Anbefales - en opplevelse for livet!

Turen var fantastisk! Godt tilrettelagt av operatør, god og hyggelig guide, gode sjåfører. Hentet og levert på døra. Angkor Wat er stort på mange måter- som opplevelse og i areal. Godt p ha kald bil, god guide , lette klær, kaldt vann og. Vifte. Anbefales!!

Google Translation

Recommended - an experience of a lifetime!

The trip was amazing! Well organized by operator, good and pleasant guide, good drivers. Collected and delivered to the door. Angkor Wat is big in many ways - as an experience and in area. Good to have a cold car, a good guide, light clothes, cold water and. Fan. Recommended!!

Written March 30, 2024

Angkor Wat Seriveces day tours - TripAdvisor

Waldo B - Siem Reap airport SAI to Viking Orion Cruises in Laem Chabang Port in Pattaya 3d2n A3
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Monday 25th of March 2024

The Best Guides and Tour Company

We had a fabulous two day tour in Angkor - the first day with Chen and the second with Kim. Our tour was customized so we could fly into Siam Reap from Bangkok and be driven to the port in Thailand for a cruise on day three. We learned so much about the history and culture of Cambodia and Angkor, in addition to seeing so many magnificent sites. Though it was hot, the tour was organized with less strenuous activities after some of the more challenging ones. We 100% recommend Angkor Wat services and their knowledgeable guides.

Written March 25, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Greggah - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Wednesday 28th of February 2024

Whirlwind Tour handled with Perfection

We took the 2 days, 1 night Angkor Wat tour. It was a place we had been wanting to see and being in Thailand, it made sense. But no way I would want to do this trip on my own. And we are very glad we chose Angkor Wat Services Day Tours.

From the first email inquiry, I knew this was a top notch tour. Sophoan was very responsive, even given the 12 hour time difference before we got to Thailand, he would reply within a few hours to questions, and I had a lot.

As you can imagine, taking your family on a trip like this can be a challenge. But they made it easy. We were picked up at 5am from our Bangkok hotel, driven 3 hours to the Cambodian border. There we were met by a gentleman who told us what to expect at Thai immigration as well as Cambodian. He told us what we needed to do, what tricks to watch out for and then met us on the other side afterward. Tricks. So one good one, is the Thai immigration officer who told us it was $35USD for the Cambodian Visa. Right above his head is the sign stating its $30. After a minute of me telling him its $30 and given him exactly $30 per person, our visas got processed. Oh and don't forget there is also another small form you need to fill out as well to exit Thailand. We did not know, got to the officer -was told-had to step out fill out the forms-then the officer let us step back into line. On the Cambodian side it took less time. All total about 1.5 hours to clear both sides.

We were then taken to meet our Cambodian driver Keem (I believe that is his name.) Great guy -did not speak much if any English but could converse in Thai with my wife. We had a great 3 hour drive to Siem Reap. Once there, they took us to a very good restaurant and our hotel. Once done, it was off to tour.

The first stop was a lake (may be an ocean bay -I was a bit out of it given all the activities/chaos of the day and an on-coming major cold). Anyway the boat tour was to a floating Vietnamese village. This to me turned out to be the best part of the tour. It was the most interesting. To see these folks living on wood rafts with hut houses. Not talking down but just amazed at the resiliency of the people. Truly amazing. Once done we were taken back to the hotel and told we had a 5am pick up the next day.

5 am came and we went. Off to Angkor Wat and several other Wat's for touring. The goal was get to Angkor Wat for sunrise. Unfortunately, sunrise was hazy. Still it was beautiful.

Our driver Keem was our driver for the entire tour -that was awesome since we had built a rapport with him already. He would get us water, food and even got me a local beer!

Our guide was Kim. Never a happier man have I seen. He kept us moving and did it with a smile and humor. He was full of great information about the ruins, Cambodia and such. He took pictures for us, and even showed my wife how to do some trick pictures with her iPhone. Kim was awesome and always attentive to our needs. Make sure to ask for him you will not be sorry!

We toured until about 1pm. They took us back to the hotel to clean up and check out. I ordered some food to go from the hotel for dinner and we hit the road for a 3 hour drive back to the border. Crossed back into Thailand quickly -maybe 15-20 minutes total -it was Chinese New Year so likely immigration officers wanted to get to partying so they were lax. Then back to another 3 hour drive to Bangkok. We ended up back at our Bangkok hotel around 10pm.

For those keeping count, the day started at 5am and ended at 10pm with 6 hours of driving and 7 hours of touring in the heat/humidity of Cambodia. Now, the rest of the story....I was hit hard with a cold on the tour day...I pushed through but I can tell you it was a long hard day. If you decide to do the 2 day 1 night tour -make sure you are well rested and take some energy pills -you will need them! In retrospect, we would have preferred 2 nights, but that was not in our budget.

Now for a few tips and information. The Tour does not take credit cards. They do paypal and such. And on the day of, you need to pay in USD. Its how they do business. That was a bit off putting to me at first and of course carrying that kind of cash on you can be unnerving. Having said that -this team and company were just amazing and never once did I have a concern.

I highly recommend this tour company and specifically the gentlemen we had for driver and guide in Cambodia. We spent the most time with them and they never once wavered from being service oriented professionals!

So if you are thinking of touring Angkor Wat -email Sophoan and set up a great tour. You will not be disappointed, though you may be tired afterward. LOL.

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Written February 28, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Andi G - Pattaya to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA2
E-mail: n/a
From: Germany

Posted Date: Sunday 21st of January 2024

100% Weiter-Empfehlings-Rate! Best Organization EVER!

Herzlichen Dank für die SUPER Organisation!
Von Anfang bis Ende TOP durchorganisiert und an KEINER Stelle irgendein Problem, Unsicherheit oder Rückfrage nötig, weil alle Informationen sofort weitergegeben wurden.
Ich habe die Tour für 2 Bekannte gebucht, die sich das alleine nicht getraut haben und ich hatte keine Lust es schon wieder anzusehen. Es war einfach erstaunlich zu sehen, wie alles nahtlos ineinander überging und geklappt hat und das, was mich am meisten begeistert hat, waren die Infos er whatsapp, WO/WAS meine Bekannten gerade machen.
Ich wusste immer wo sie gerade sind, wann sie zurück sein werden usw.
So etwas habe ich tatsächlich noch NIE erlebt und ich bin seit 40 Jahren weltweit unterwegs!

Written January 21, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Esther Goe - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 3d2n BA3
E-mail: n/a
From: Switzerland

Posted Date: Tuesday 9th of January 2024

Wonderful 3days/2nights

The tour was perfectly organized: I received detailed information via email ahead of time, and it happened exactly as outlined: we got picked up in Bangkok, driven to Siam Reap and welcomed by our wonderful guide Kim who showed us everything possible in these 2 days, incl sun rise and sun set! He is very knowledgable about the history of the site, and Cambodia in general. When we had a small problem, he got involved and helped solve it immediately. Angkor Thom is a gem, and absolutely worth the trip. I recommend booking through Cambodia Travel Trails and Mr Sophoan Rath!

Written January 9, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Tianja S - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Day Trip - Option 1 BA1-Option 1
E-mail: n/a
From: United States

Posted Date: Monday 8th of January 2024

We loved it

I honestly don't know where to begin. We did the very ambitious day tour from Bangkok to Siem Reap. The driver arrived for us promptly at 2 am in a very big bus. We were happy about this because that meant we would each have space to sleep. We arrived at the Thailand/Cambodia boarder a little before 6 am and were met by an english speaking guide who walked with us from the van to the boarder where we crossed alone but were met on the Cambodia side by our driver Kim. We drove about 3 hours from the boarder and arrived in Siem Reap where we picked up our tour guide (also named Kim). Tour guide Kim was absolutely amazing. We got the best photos and had a great day all because this your was so properly organized. I would definitely do it again!

Written January 8, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Sara T - Suvarnabhumi Airport BKK to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 4d3n BA4
E-mail: n/a
From: Canada

Posted Date: Saturday 6th of January 2024

Sara T

5+ stars, and highly recommended

A 4-day private tour from BKK to Siem Reap and back, family of 4 Canadians (parents with a young adult and older teen children).

I contacted 4 travel companies in BKK/Siem Reap with our preferred itinerary. Sophoan was the only one who not only replied promptly, but also accommodated our entire plan. The communications were top notch from the start to the end, and we were confident that we were in good hands. After the itinerary was confirmed, a US$100 deposit was required by PayPal.

One day before our trip date, Sophoan sent us a detailed email informing us of our driver names as well as the vehicle license numbers and their pictures, and the border agent name. He let us know where exactly our driver would be waiting for us at the BKK airport.

Upon arrival, exactly where we were supposed to meet with the driver, a staff member with a piece of paper with our names on it was there to meet us. She then directed us to our private van.

Our driver, Mr. Rainbow, was polite and friendly. His van was comfortable, and we felt safe with his driving. The trip to the Cambodian border (at Poi Pet) took 3 hours, including a quick washroom/gas stop en route. The washrooms were clean, with a handheld bidet, but no toilet paper provided. So make sure you have a packet of tissues on you. We were able to grab cold drinks at the cafe at the gas station.

At the border, an agent walked with us and guided us through the immigration formalities. They took our luggage across the border for us while we waited in the immigration centres (so lock/seal your bags before they leave your hands). We first had to leave Thailand, then enter Cambodia (you need to fill out a landing form). The wait was about 45 minutes at each centre when we arrived at about 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. No washrooms or drink vending machine there, so be prepared.

Once cleared, the border agent took us to our Cambodian driver, Mr. Sure, who waited for us with a smile and bottles of cold water. It was a treat. The ride to Siem Reap took 2 and a half hours (only about 150 kms away, but slow roads), including a washroom stop.

We stayed at the Courtyard by Marriott Siem Reap Resort (which we cannot recommend enough). Our tour guide, Mr. Kim Sophatt, met with us at the hotel and gave us the guidelines of what was to happen in the next 3 days. As it was just the 4 of us, we were able to switch the itinerary around to suit our schedules, as well as the time Mr. Kim suggested would be best to visit each location (i.e. Angkor Wat at sunrise and early morning, Ta Prohm I’m in the afternoon, etc).

During the following 3 days, we spent most of our time with Mr. Kim and Mr. Sure, and both were such a delight. Mr. Kim is a very knowledgeable and experienced tour guide (20 years in the business), but what we loved most about him is the pride he has for his heritage, history, and country, and his friendliness and the wonderful sense of humour. Both he and Mr. Sure always had a smile on their faces, and laughed easily. They both made our trip very enjoyable.

As we chose to not have meals included in our package (picky eaters), we relied on Mr. Kim and the hotel for restaurant recommendations. Lunches were normally at restaurants near our sightseeing spots, but we had options for dinner. After having been eating Asian food for 10 days prior to our arrival in Cambodia, we opted for Big Boy Burger and got our bacon craving fixed. We enjoyed the breakfast buffet at the Courtyard Resort, dinner buffet and dance show at Amazon Angkor, and our fine dining at the beautiful PT Restaurant, but for food and service, our favourite on this trip was Khmer Duerm.

As for the tour itself, a lot of walking, and a lot of climbing (optional). Our kids would like to visit the waterfall, so that was a 1.8 km hike up the mountain each way. We must commend Mr. Kim for accompanying on this hike. He could just simply point us the way and wait at the bottom of the mountain, but he did not. Our kids really enjoyed the waterfall, as there was no one else there. It was our family private pool while we were there. We borrowed the pool towels from the hotel when we went, and there was a washroom for us to change in and out of the bathing suits at the bottom of the mountain.

I won’t go into the details of the temple tour, but I wanted to say that most wall carvings were from the story of Ramayana. If you know the book, you will appreciate the history of all the temples a lot more.

On the 4th day, we said good bye to Mr. Kim after lunch. Mr. Sure drove us back yo the border, also 2 and a half hours with one washroom break. The border agent met with us and walked us through the formalities again. This time there was no lines leaving Cambodia, but again 45 minutes at the Thai border. We had to fill out a landing form as well. After that, our border agent took us to our van, and we met up with Mr. Rainbow again. We got to BKK on Friday evening. Traffic was nonexistent until about a half an hour before we hit our hotel by the BKK airport.

All in all, a very memorable trip thanks in the most part to the organization of Sophoan, the expertise of Mr. Kim (who is a wonderful photographer, by the way), and the friendliness of our drivers and border agents. We highly recommend this company, as we’re already planning a return trip with other family members.

Written January 6, 2024

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

Divyanshi R - Bangkok to Angkor Wat and Back Tour 2d1n BA1
E-mail: n/a
From: Canada

Posted Date: Thursday 28th of December 2023

Best tour

Amazing experience, our tour guide was like family and took great care of us! Highly recommend!! We saw so much of Siem Reap !! Thank You
Written December 28, 2023

Angkor Wat Services day tours - TripAdvisor

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