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We strive to make your travel adventure a thrilling and rewarding one that you will remember for a lifetime. Our Southeast Asian teams in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand work together seamlessly to ensure the best possible travel experience at the best possible price. Angkor Wat Services day tours has been operating tours since 1999 and understands the details and intricacies of travel throughout the region.

Creating Unique Touring Experiences
Our expert travel team has planned your trip so that you can experience the very best of what Cambodia Vietnam, Laos and Thailand have to offer. We understand that many will have various needs and wants for each particular tour that may not be included in an itinerary. We will plan any tour to meet your particular demands. Please Send inquiry>>>

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Ever wonder what the past thirty years has brought to this part of the planet? Well, you need not wonder any longer! Travel from Thailand to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Discover the various and distinct cultures that each country has to offer. Travel through lush countryside, visit mysterious temples, experience the vibrant, new cities. The people of this region are known as some of the "friendliest people on earth" and await your visit with them....

So, you don't believe in magic any longer? Think again. Visiting Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam will change your mind! The stunning national treasures, the glorious countryside, some of the "friendliest people on earth" all conspire to make you want to return year in and year to our corner of the planet as hundreds have done in the past with AWS Tours....

A bike is perhaps the most perfect environmentally sound way to experience this part of Southeast Asia. We start our pedaling in the southern islands of Laos and eventually find ourselves in the Cambodian countryside which abounds in fabulous Buddhist temples, and a rich cultural heritage. AWS Tours, since 1999, has been at the forefront of sustainable tourism....
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