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About Angkor Wat Services
ANGKOR WAT SERVICES was established in 1999 and has become the leading, most-trusted name in Southeast Asia touring. We offer a wide variety of experiences from bird watching, photography tours, cycling and trekking to traditional explorations and more.  

Whatever your adventure may be, you can rest assured that each and every one of our guides is an expert in their chosen field, with years of experience. Our offices are located in the major centers of Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. The teams in each country offer a relevant resource for both the experienced and inexperienced traveler.

ANGKOR WAT SERVICES holds active membership in various travel associations throughout the area and one of our main goals is to provide a sustainable and earth-friendly experience wherever we travel. Because tourism can help local citizens sustain dignity-in-work, we believe that our efforts help communities to flourish. We encourage and support the efforts of NGOs (nongovernmental organizations,) including those who provide for the poor, orphans, those having HIV/AIDS, and rural public school children.

The people of Southeast Asia have experienced a horrific recent past, but as the mythological phoenix arose from is pyre to renew and regenerate itself, so do the people of this amazing land. We invite you to witness firsthand the glories of nature, mysterious and inspiring religious monuments, vibrant cities, terrific cuisine, but most of all, we invite you to meet some of the "friendliest people on earth."  We welcome your visit soon!

Mr. Sophoan Rath
English Speaking Guide and Tour Operator 
Sophoan is an expert in his field and is renowned in Siem Reap for his understanding of Cambodian (Khmer) culture, history and people.  The world-famous bird watcher, Tom Gulick has employed Sophoan to help him guide visitors throughout Cambodia to witness the extraordinary wildlife living there. Sophoan can arrange most bookings and tours throughout Cambodia, Thialand, Vietnam and Laos.

Ms. Serei Neat Nath (English & French speaking Adventure Tour Operator) 
"Neat" is AWS' young and talented Adventure Tour Operator. Apart from tour reservations, she is also in charge of individual and group tour an operation which includes preparing of all tour documents, arranging accommodations, and booking our drivers.  She even maintains our website.  What would we do without her? 

Mr. Raksa Eung (English speaking guide)  
Mr. Raksa, or "Cha Cha," has been a guide for nearly six years. He holds a degree in English and speaks with an "Aussie accent." Mr. Raksa loves life and enjoys making others happy.  When he has free time, Mr. Raksa teaches English to children free-of-charge. He is an expert at leading tours via the back roads, avoiding busy traffic.

Ms. Sopha Mom (Spanish speaking guide)
In regard to, Sopha Mom, known to her friends as Pha--and you will be her friend if you utilize her wonderful services. She is knowledgeable and solicitous in taking you to all the places you want to see. She knows when to take charge and when to relent. She can steer you to the best places and away from the not so worthwhile. Her service even included having herself at the local market so that she could help me get better prices than I could have gotten on my own. She also was gracious enough to invite me to local home family where I first met parents and charming children. It was very interesting to see an authentic Cambodian home. It gave one a good sense of the values and priorities of a Cambodian. One could not wish for a better experience. Don't even think of doing Cambodia without Pha!

Mr. Chomnan Cheam (English speaking guide) 
Mr. Chomnan has a bachelor's in English and an extraordinary knowledge of Cambodian culture and history. He is a community organizer for cycling tours and volunteer groups.  Mr. Chomnan’s primary ambition is participating in Cambodian development operations that are focused on alleviating the extensive poverty in the country.

Mr. Sarath Hey (German speaking guide)
Sarath is a very informed, professional and kind tourist guide that made of our trip around Cambodia a wonderful and unforgettable experience, not only because he showed us the touristic attractions but also because he taught us about Cambodian reality, past and present. I fully recommend Sarath to be your guide in your next trip to Cambodia.
Sarath is a very good tour guide but most of all, he is a great person. Being on his scholarship in Germany for several years, Sarath’s German is excellent!


Mr. Samnang Meas
Samnang, aka "Lucky," is a former bike-racing star and was a member of the Cambodian Olympic Cycling federation for 6 years. Samnang has led cycling tours throughout Cambodia for the last 5 years. In December 2008, he won the Angkor International Bike Race competition.

Mr. Kakraney Koth 
Kakraney, called “Veng,” has won Cambodia's National Road Title three times and has attended most of the ASEAN games with his guests. His most fervent dream is to join the Tour de France someday. Apart from cycling, he is also a professional painter.
Kakraney has been a cycling guide for 3 years.


Mr. Vanda Ol
Vanda has many years of experience as a cycling guide. Because of his expertise, planning and his caring concern for his guests, many have returned year after year to engage him in such challenges as the road trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap (Angkor).

Mr. Pagnarith Tot
Rith is an expert cyclist and has a renowned knowledge of local history and temple architecture. Among his favorite tours is the trip along the mighty Mekong River, which departs from Siem Reap (Angkor) and makes its way to Pakse and then to other parts of Laos. As all of our biking guides, he can be relied upon for his good humor, his dedication to cycling and his care for all of his participants.