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Ho Chi Minh City In & Around
Ho Chi Minh- City is the heart and soul of Vietnam. It's a bustling, dynamic and industrious center.  It is the largest city in the country and is considered the economic capital and cultural trendsetter. Yet within the teeming metropolis are the timeless traditions and beauty of an ancient culture. This is a city that churns ferments, bubbles and fumes.

Reunification Palace
Built in the 1960’s with the assistance of Soviet architects, the palace was used as an office and living quarters of the president and his family prior to the fall of Saigon.  In April 1975, a North Vietnamese army tank crushed the front gate of the palace signifying the end of Saigon.  Today, rooms open to the public remain exactly as they were in 1975, showing the locations of important meetings that were held during the war.

Remnants Museum
Formerly known as the Museum of American War Crimes, it houses instruments of torture and hundreds of photographs of atrocities committed during the 20th century, specifically, Vietnam War. At the front, the museum displays a small collection of military hardware.

Dame Cathedral Gardens
The towers of Notre Dame have been a familiar landmark in Ho Chi Minh City since the 1880’s.  They are intricately decorated with stain glass windows.

The Post Office
Located opposite of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the post office was also built in the late 19th century in a European style.  The French colonial building was beautifully designed with a very large map of old Indochina located inside.

It is a maze of narrow streets bustling with people.  Ethnic Chinese began their settlement in this area in 1770’s.  A popular and a must see temple in Chinatown is the Thien Hau Pagoda.  The pagoda is dedicated to the Goddess Thien Hau, protector of the sea.

Benh Than Market
The famous market draws people from the early morning until closing time at night.  It offers unimaginable consumer products and exotic foodstuff.  Sounds of hackling and bargaining can be heard throughout the area.

Jade Emperor Pagoda
It is dedicated to various Chinese-Vietnamese divinities.  The pagoda is considered one of the most attractive structures in Ho Chi Minh City.  A mixture of Taoist and Buddhist styles, it houses numerous statues and intricate woodcarvings with delicate tiles on the roof.

Cu Chi Tunnels
A network of underground tunnels connecting command posts, hospitals, and shelter and weapon factories dug in the early 1940’s during a war with the French.  The tunnels became popular during the Vietnam War when they were used as hideouts for surprise attacks against US soldiers.