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Phongsaly province, the most remote in northern Laos, enclosed three sides by China and Vietnam and cut off to overland travel from Oudomsay to the south. It consists of six districts: Phongsaly, Muangmai, Muangkhua, Samphan, Sombounxay and Yot Ou.

Wat Inpeng
The temple offers a breathtaking view of its architectural design.  It has an intricately carved wooden and mosaic façade.  The rest of the exterior is elaborately and colorfully decorated with gilded mythological nagas swirling up at each roof corner.  By contrast, the interior is simply decorated with stone tiles.

Revolutionary Museum
Set in a large French colonial building, the museum houses artifacts, photographs, and painting of the history of the revolution.

Ngum Lake
A man-made reservoir surrounded by picturesque green valley with fishing villages and countless islands of woods dotting the water.  It is approximately 80 kilometers from Vientiane.  This hydroelectric power dam generates electricity sold mostly to Thailand.

Wat Visoun
Built during the reign of King Visounarat between 1500 and 1520, it was home to the Prabang, a fine gold Buddha image, the religious symbol of the Kingdom for more than 200 years.  In 1942, the temple was turned into a Museum of Religious Arts and today, continues to display large collections of Buddha images and various religious artifacts from the 14th century.